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*** This feature is still under development ***

SpamFilter is a new addition to DALnet's IRCd (Bahamut) that was added to help us deal with the recent spamming & flooding attacks.

It is very flexible, and spam can be identified in private messages, notices, kick messages, quit messages, channel topics, away messages, channel messages, and channel part messages.

Basically, if a particular piece of spam message is in our database, it can be recognized and dealt with.

IRC Operators have access to add spam to the database, and can use a number of options for how the spam should be automatically dealt with.
Normally, the spam can be blocked, so that you never receive the spam at all or the person can be banned from the network.

SpamFilter will be DEFAULT ON for everyone (all users and all channels). However, if you do not want this you can unset it.
If you do not want SpamFilter protection on your nick, just type /mode yournick +P
If you do not want SpamFilter protection on your channel, type /mode #channel +P
This will mean that any messages going to you or your channel will not be screened by the database.

Please note that no human will see your messages or be able to read them (unless they were triggered as spam).
This is a purely automated system, and experienced IRC Operators (mostly CSops) will be the only people who can add spam to the database.

If you do get any spam, please report it to #OperHelp so that it can be added to the SpamFilter database.

If you have any other questions about SpamFilter, please join #OperHelp and we will be happy to assist you.
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