DALnet KLine Team
DALnet's KLine team was established as a mediator between DALnet, the offenders and the providers, in the hopes of reaching a peaceful resolution to any questions regarding autokills that are in place.

Whether the question comes from a DALnet user, a staff member, or a provider, it's up to the KLine team to offer proof upon request regarding any charge of abuse.

Please keep in mind that the DALnet IRC Network, as well as any server linked to DALnet, have the right to deny any access to its network for any reason, with or without cause. Abuse includes, but is not limited to: mass-advertising, open proxy abuse, exploiting of viruses or any material that might cause damage to another user, cloning, evading autokills and evading channel bans. Each area is handled by a specialized sub-team.

Main KLine team's members:
* key (Team Leader)
* aHa (Mass Ads Lead)
* Ahnberg
* Arfie
* bel
* brandon (Routing Lead)
* byrnsy
* Car`a`carn
* deception
* klb (SAbuse Lead)
* LeMaXiMuS
* robt
* RuneB
* Visigoth

Sharktech autokills
FDCservers autokills

K-Line Sub-teams:

Team Description
CyberCafeThe team keeps record of the authorized cybercafes; in order for your site not to be considered a multiple clones site from DALnet's Administration and Services, some general contact information is needed for recognition purposes to ensure your connections are not terminated.
MassAdsThe team was established as a mediator between the users and the providers that were autokilled for spamming (which includes both channel invites and web sites). This team is responsible for communication between the users and the providers, in an effort to curb spamming on DALnet.

Other Abuse teams:

Team Description
Exploits PreventionThe team was established as a mediator for users who have been autokilled for exploiting other users, either knowingly or unknowingly. If a user is autokilled for exploits, and they didn't know they were infected, it is this team's job to help them remove the exploit from their system, so that they may get back online. For users that do this knowingly, this team also contacts the provider about the abuse issue. Where #nohack is the front end of this overall operation, the Exploits Prevention Team is the back end. #nohack tries to help before it becomes an issue with an autokill. The Exploits Prevention Team helps you after you've been autokilled. They are also responsible for identifying the exploitative scripts and add-ons. They also deal with clones and open proxy abuse.
Services AbuseThe purpose of this team is to deal with abuse issues directly related to the DALnet Services. This is to include both user connections as well as other IRC Operator connections. The forms of abuse include, but not limited to: mass nickname registrations, mass channel registrations, flooding, or spamming users via MemoServ, use of *!*@*.* in the access list, the AOp lists, or the SOp lists.
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