DALnet Exploits Prevention Team
DALnet's Exploits Prevention team has merged into the KLine Team.

The team was originally established as a mediator for users who have been autokilled for exploiting other users, either knowingly or unknowingly. If a user is autokilled for exploits, and they didn't know they were infected, it was the team's job to help them remove the exploit from their system, so that they could back online. For users that do this knowingly, the team also contacted the provider about the abuse issue. Where #NoHack is the front end of this overall operation, the Exploits Prevention Team was the back end. #NoHack tries to help before it becomes an issue with an autokill. The Exploits Prevention Team (and now the KLine team) helps you after you've been autokilled. They are also responsible for identifying the exploitative scripts and add-ons. They also dealt with clones and open proxy abuse.

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