DALnet CyberCafe Team
Cybercafe is where cafes, shells and Internet Providers can register to help alleviate akills that recognise them as clones and simplify communication between the administrators and DALnet staff.

Shell/Cafe/ISP owners can click on the following URL to register with cybercafe: CyberCafe Registration Form

NOTE: We are currently unable to process applications with IPv6 ranges. Please be patient as we work to update systems for this functionality.

Answers to commonly asked questions:

Question: What happens after I register my company?
Answer: The cybercafe team will review the data. They may e-mail, call or use other resources to verify that the information entered is correct. If the application is approved, the primary contact will be notified with additional information about handling abuse and working with DALnet.

Question: Does this mean I can have more than 2 or 3 clients on DALnet?
Answer: No. This is not for individual users to signup to clone. This system is setup to help give DALnet an idea of how many users a company may have so more realistic limits can be set.

Question: Can my users (or my company) still be akilled after registering?
Answer: Yes. This process does not stop akills, but it does offer us the ability to actually contact Cafes/Shell Providers/EDU's/ISP's to help to have the abusive users removed and get your users back online quickly.

Question: After registering my organization, will existing akills against my users be removed?
Answer: Akills will not be removed by registering. If there are akills you have additional questions about which are set against your users, we can help to clarify them with you and expedite the resolution when possible.

Question: I own a shell company and my vhosts are being akilled instead of the ident. What should I do?
Answer: If the akill reason includes [ma/inv] or [ma/web], you need to contact the MassAds Team and request logs of the ident that caused your vhost to be akilled. Then you'll want to request the akill to be reset to ident@. You can reach MassAds at http://www.dal.net/admin/contactmassad.php3.

If the akill reason includes [exp/ma], you need to contact the Exploits Team and request logs of the ident that caused your vhost to be akilled. You can reach Exploits at http://kline.dal.net/exploits/contact.htm.

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