DALnet's Mass Advertising Policy
The DALnet Mass Advertising Policy is intended as an informational guide indicating what the network response to policy infractions will be. In no way does this limit DALnet in its mission to combat network abuse, nor are we liable for any actions taken by web providers, Internet Service Providers, or legal entities based on our communications with them in response to network abuse.

DALnet prohibits, without limitation, the use of the host information of users or other network or channel user information to send unsolicited advertisements to users of DALnet. The DALnet MassAds team works hand-in-hand with the other KLine teams to achieve our goals regarding the lessening of Mass Advertising on DALnet.

Definition of Unsolicited/Mass Advertising.
* Messaging users to join channels, visit web sites, go to other IRC networks, etc.
* /invite -ing users to channels.
* On-join messaging of users to join channels, visit web sites, or go to other IRC networks, also know as "autogreet".
* Excessive use of /quit messages to advertise channels, web sites, IRC servers, scripts, etc.
* Use of IRC commands such as CTCP to advertise or invite.
* Unsolicited email to network mailing lists, the purpose of said email which is to advertise web sites, software, channels, other IRC networks, etc.

Network Response to Mass Advertising.
DALnet reserves the right to take any actions in response to violations of this Mass Advertising Policy which are lawful and which its administration deems appropriate. Here are the commonly used methods of combating network abuse:
* Network kills (disconnection), or AKills (ban from network) of the abusive user.
* Akills of masks commonly used by Mass Advertising scripts.
* Masskicks, Freezes, and/or Closures of abusive channels.
* Services Ignores of abusive users.
* Notification by email or phone of web providers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), or shell providers.
* Network Bans of Internet Service Providers who fail to meet their obligations regarding warning &/or terminating abusive users.
* Interaction with legal authorities in cases of abuse which violates the laws of the country in which the server or user is located.

Obligations of Internet Service Providers, Web Hosts, and Shell Providers
DALnet regularly notifies ISPs, Web Hosts, and Shell Providers (hereafter referred to as Providers) of abuse by their customers. In return, DALnet expects that these Providers will (within 3-5 days of receipt of abuse logs) enforce their respective Acceptable Use Policies with regard to these users. Typical Provider responses to customer abuse on DALnet are: warning the user & "flagging" the account, suspending the user's account, and termination of the account. We also expect that the Providers will notify us that action has been taken against the abusive user. If after several attempts to notify the Provider, DALnet determines that the Provider has not taken action against the abusive user(s), DALnet will take further network action against the Provider itself. Such actions include placing a wider ban on the regional Point of Presence or on the domain itself. These further actions taken by DALnet will then remain in effect until such time as the Provider not only contacts us and resolves the current abuse issues, but also makes arrangements to maintain effective communication with DALnet regarding any further abuse issues. DALnet reserves the right to enforce this policy at any time when we deem that the Provider has failed to meet their obligations to us.
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