New channel expiration system
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DALnet's Channel Registration Service (ChanServ) has been changed to ask for a "text captcha" before it process ChanServ REGISTER requests for some expired and unclosed channels.

When a channel expires, the channel's ops first get a chance to register it, if they don't register it within two weeks or if there are no channel ops, the channel is masskicked and closed for a few moments.
After a few moments, the channel gets reopened and the first user who joins it will have 5 minutes to register it. If they don't register it within 5 minutes, they get kickbanned and another user can join and try to register it. If they try to play with the modes or kick ChanServ, the channel will be closed for a random time.

The goal of services is to always give nicks and channels to the "first human to get it". In the past few years, we've seen increases in bots getting nicks and channels, holding them, and never releasing them. It is not fair to the average person that a botnet gets a nickname/channel before a human does.

The questions are really simple and are being updated every week.

The process is:
1) User use /ChanServ REGISTER <#channel> <password> <description>
2) User gets back a notice from ChanServ with the question.
3) User use /ChanServ REGISTER <#channel> <password> <answer>

For example, if the question is "Mark's name is?", you would answer:
/ChanServ REGISTER <#channel> <password> mark

We will not give you the list of questions/answers, however, if you need further help, please /join #help
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