ChanServ XFLAG (Extended Channel Flags) FAQ
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Q: What is ChanServ XFLAG?
A: It is a new ChanServ command that can help channels mitigate floodbots.

Q: How to use this command?
A: /ChanServ XFLAG #channel option:ON or option:OFF or option:VALUE. Check out /ChanServ HELP XFLAG for more information.

Q: Who can use this command?
A: Only channel founders and managers can use this command to set the extended channel flags, however, these flags will affect all channel users.

Q: What xflags are available:
A: Here is the list of available xflags:
JOIN_CONNECT_TIME - Number of seconds the user must be online to be able to join
TALK_CONNECT_TIME - Number of seconds the user must be online to be able to talk on the channel
TALK_JOIN_TIME - Number of seconds the user must be on the channel to be able to talk on the channel
NO_NOTICE - no notices can be sent to the channel (on/off)
NO_CTCP - no ctcps can be sent to the channel (on/off)
NO_PART_MSG - no /part messages (on/off)
NO_QUIT_MSG - no /quit messages (on/off)
NO_NICK_CHANGE - no nick changes allowed on this channel (on/off)
NO_UTF8 - messages with strange characters (Hebrew/Arabic/UTF8) will be blocked (on/off)
NO_VPNS - no connections from public VPN services will be allowed (on/off)
NO_SHELLS - no connections from shell providers will be allowed (on/off)
EXEMPT_OPPED - exempt opped users (on/off)
EXEMPT_VOICED - exempt voiced users (on/off)
EXEMPT_IDENTD - exempt users with identd (on/off)
EXEMPT_REGISTERED - exempt users with umode +r (on/off)
EXEMPT_INVITES - exempt users who are +I'ed from the JOIN_CONNECT_TIME xflag (on/off)
AUTOMSG - tell everyone who joins that the channel is protected (on/off)
HIDE_MODE_LISTS - hide /mode #channel +b/+I/+e lists from non-ops (on/off)
USER_VERBOSE - send failed command messages to #channel-relay (on/off)

Q: Will there be more xflags in the future?
A: Yes, the following new flags will be included in Bahamut 2.1.5:
MAX_MSG_TIME - Limit the maximum number of messages that can be sent in X seconds.
EXEMPT_WEBIRC - exempt webirc users (on/off).

Q: Sounds complicated, can I have one command to stop the floodbots?
A: Yes, you can use /ChanServ XFLAG #channel RECOMMENDED if your channel is being flooded and you can use /ChanServ XFLAG #channel DEFAULT to reset the xflags back to their defaults.

Q: I tried to enable TALK_JOIN_TIME on my channel but people can still talk, why?
A: This feature depends on the IRCd (IRC server software) we're using, it was added on Bahamut 2.1.0 and not all of our servers are upgraded yet but they will be upgraded soon. Another option could be that the user is exempted with an EXEMPT xflag.

Q: What about the "GREETMSG" xflag?
A: This xflag can show a channel message to every user who joins the channel. In order to prevent impersonation of DALnet's staff, we have decided not to enable this feature at this time, however, we might enable it in the future. You can use the AUTOMSG xflag (see the next question).

Q: How to enable the "This channel is protected, you may need to wait 30 seconds before being able to talk!" message from DALnet?
A: /ChanServ XFLAG #channel AUTOMSG:ON

Q: Does blocking CTCP also block CTCP ACTION (aka a /me command)?
A: Yes, NO_CTCP also blocks actions (/me something). We may add a NO_ACTION xflag in the future.
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