DALnet Services - MemoServ
Welcome to the DALnet MemoServ command pages.

Here you will find listed all the commands available via MemoServ.

Just click on a command to view help regarding it, along with the command, and an example.
DEL Marks a memo as deleted.
FORWARD Set memo forwarding.
IGNORE lets you ignore users or hosts
LIST View the contents of your memo
NEWS View the latest news.
PURGE Empty deleted memos from inbox.
READ Displaying a memo.
SEND Send memo to a user or a channel.
SENDCHAN sends memos to channel ops
SENDSOP Send a message to all SuperOPs of a channel.
UNDEL Undo memo from marking as deleted.

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Tip of the day
If you have more than one nickname, you can use the /MemoServ FORWARD command to forward memos to your primary nickname