DALnet Services - ChanServ
Welcome to the DALnet ChanServ command pages.

Here you will find listed all the commands available via ChanServ.

Just click on a command to view help regarding it, along with the command, and an example.
ACCESS Identify your channel access
AKICK Channel AKICK list management.
AOP Channel AOP list management.
COUNT Counts the VOPs, HOPS, AOps, SOps, Managers and AKICKs in a channel.
DEHALFOP Dehalfops a user in a channel
DEOP Utilizing ChanServ to deop user(s).
DEVOICE Devoices a user in a channel
DROP Stop ChanServ management for a channel.
HALFOP Will half-op the given nick(s) in the given channel.
HOP Channel HOP list management
IDENTIFY Identify yourself as founder
INFO Retrieve information for the specified channel.
INVITE Invite yourself into channel
LISTOPS Lists all the VOPs, HOPs, AOPs, SOPs, Managers and Founder of the channel with ONE command.
MANAGER Adds or deleted channel manager
MDEOP Mass deops channel.
MKICK Masskick a channel.
OP Utilizing ChanServ to op user(s).
REGISTER Channel registration; start ChanServ management for a channel.
SENDAUTH Allows the successor to re-request the AUTH code.
SENDPASS Send the user his/her channel password via email.
SOP Channel SOP list management.
SUCCESSOR Will remove yourself as successor of a channel
UNBAN Utilizing ChanServ to unban yourself or user(s) from a channel.
VOICE Gives users voice in a channel
VOP Channel VOP list management
WHY Show detailed access information.
XFLAG XFLAG lets you use the eXtended channel flags for your channel

Set commands:
SET DESC Modify the channel description.
SET FOUNDER Change founder nickname.
SET IDENT Toggle the ident option.
SET KEEPTOPIC Toggle the keeptopic function.
SET LEAVEOPS Toggle the leaveops function.
SET MAILBLOCK Prevent the SENDPASS command from being used.
SET MEMO Limit who can send channel memos.
SET MLOCK Locks the channel to certain modes.
SET OPGUARD Toggle the SecuredOps option.
SET PASSWD Change channel password.
SET PRIVATE Toggle the PRIVATE option.
SET RESTRICT Only allow ops in the channel
SET SUCCESSOR Will give the channel to successor if the founders nick expires
SET TOPICLOCK Control who is allowed to set channel topics.
SET URL Attaches a URL to the channel.
SET VERBOSE Allow channel founder to be notified of AOp/SOp actions.
SET VOICEGUARD Turns on/off voice guarding
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