DALnet Services - NickServ
Welcome to the DALnet NickServ command pages.

Here you will find listed all the commands available via NickServ.

Just click on a command to view help regarding it, along with the command, and an example.
ACC Determine the access level for a user.
ACCESS Add, remove, or view your nickname access list
DROP Unregister a nickname
GHOST Remove a ghost nickname.
IDENTIFY Identify as a nickname owner.
INFO Retrieve information for the specified nickname.
RECOVER Retrieve your nickname when being used by others.
REGISTER Register a nickname with NickServ.
RELEASE Release a nickname from NickServ custody.
SENDPASS Send the user his/her password via email.

Set commands:
SET EMAIL Attach an email address to your nickname.
SET MAILBLOCK Prevent the SENDPASS command from being used.
SET NOMEMO Prevent users from sending you memos.
SET NOOP Prevent users from granting you AOP/SOP status.
SET PASSWD Modify your nickname password.
SET SHOWEMAIL Allow/disallow users to see your email address
SET URL Set a URL for your nickname.
User Account Login
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Tip of the day
You can delete all your memos by typing /MemoServ DEL ALL