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We have changed the way our nickname expiration system works. Starting today, nicknames will no longer expire after 30 days. Instead, they will be marked as "Inactive".

When a nickname is marked as "Inactive", any user that is registered for more than one year may request it via the portal (Users --> Request a nickname).

When a nickname is requested, the current owner gets notified about it by email and they can come online to claim it (by identifying to NickServ).

If a requested nickname isn't claimed by the owner, services will let one of the people who requested it a chance to register it.

If more than one person requested the nickname, services will randomly choose who to give it to.

Q: How many nicknames can I request?
A: There is no technical limit to how many nicknames you may request, however, remember that there are other people who may also want the nicknames you want and you shouldn't request more nicknames than you could reasonably use.

Q: What if I got the email from services but the website says that my request expired ("Your requested has already expired!")?
A: If services choose you and give you a chance to register a nickname, you must do it within two days, services will let someone else a chance to register it after two days.

Q: Must my nickname be registered for one year?
A: Yes, this is a requirement.

Q: Why are you helping nickname collectors/chasers?
A: Our goal is always to help real users. The new system will give chance to real users who "fight" over a nickname with a chaser. Previously, chasers could just load a botnet and chase nicknames and real users had no chance to get them.

Q: What about frozen nicknames?
A: The same process will be used for frozen nicknames but frozen nicknames will only become inactive after 365 days (instead of 30 days) and the previous owner will not be emailed about it.

Q: What about nicknames that cannot be used or registered?
A: At this time, the new process doesn't affect these nicknames, but we might let users request these nicknames as well in the future.

Q: I want a nickname that wasn't used for more than 30 days but /NickServ INFO is not showing it as Inactive. Why?
A: Either the nickname is frozen (frozen nicknames will only become inactive after 365 days) or the nickname is exempted. A few nicknames had a setting that prevented them from expiring in the past, these nicknames are exempted from this system and will not become inactive.

Q: Can I use a script to request a nickname?
A: No, the system is for real users and not for scripts/bots.

Q: Can an IRC Operator help me to get the nickname I requested?
A: No, the process is automatic and IRC Operators can't interfere with it.

Q: Can an IRC Operator tell me how many people requested a nickname besides me?
A: No, the process is automatic and this information is not visible.

Q: I was on vacation for two months and I missed the email that said someone requested my nickname. Can I get my nickname back?
A: No, the owner of an inactive nickname has 7 days to reclaim their nickname if someone else requests it. If they don't do it, services gives the nickname to one of the people who requested it (and expires the nickname in the process).

Q: The nickname I requested has access Founder/Manager/SOp/AOp/VOp access in some channels - what will happen when if I am awarded the nickname?
A: As the nickname is expired during the process, all accesses that it had on any channels expire with it.

Q: I requested a nickname and after a week I got an email saying that the nickname I wanted is available but the previous owner came and identify before I was able to complete the registration. Why?
A: The previous owner officially has 7 days to reclaim their nickname but technically (by design), they can come back online even after 7 days and reclaim their nickname as long as no one (who requested it and got it from services) completes the registration.

Q: What happens to a channel if the founder's nickname becomes inactive?
A: Nothing. When a nickname becomes "Inactive", it still holds all the accesses they had (including foundership of channels). The accesses are only removed if another user completes the request process and gets the nickname. Channels with no successor will expire if someone else gets the nickname and channels with successor will have the "successor process" started (the channel will have no founder until the successor will get it or the channel will expire).
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